Corowa Meats


Grass Fed Cattle

Grass Fed Vealer Cattle

Corowa Meats has a long term relationship with a professional buyer who attends weekly markets in Wangaratta and Shepparton to purchase our cattle.

At these local markets he selects the very best yearling beef available, choosing only grass fed cattle that are milk fed by their mother which contributes to the organic nature of range. Usually heifers are our best choice for a softer, tender meat.

Gourmet Meats

A variety of gourmet selections are available at Corowa Meats.

Beef and chicken stir fry’s, kebabs, hamburgers, rissoles and flavoured sausages are all produced by our talented team of butchers. Our sausages, hamburgers and rissoles are all gluten free and we use natural casings for all our sausages.

We also cater for different occasions with pre cooked sliced meats. Beef, lamb and pork just need to reheated to cater for any number of people or events.

Gourmet Meats
Ready To Eat Meals

Ready To Eat Meals

We are excited to offer our range of pre cooked home recipe meals. These tasty, nutritious meals are prepared on the premises by our experienced cook, Trena.

Just like your meals at home the menu is varied and includes Lasagne, Scallop Potatoes, Chicken Parmigiana, Beef & Red Wine, Lambs Fry & Bacon, Curried Sausages and Fettuccine Carbonara  just to name a few.

Reheat these household favorites for a generous, healthy meal.